Dani Altieri Marinucci




fun art

Dani Altieri Marinucci grew up in an art-filled home. 

Her father owned a New York City gallery in the 1960’s representing contemporary French artists and her family tree is leafed with 

generations of accomplished artists. 

Color and imagination was abundant in her surroundings.   But even with all these rich artistic influences, she did not tap into her inner artist until her early 40’s.   

Her professional career was varied: teacher, management consultant, free-lance journalist, nonprofit administrator and artist. 

Each new career built on and complimented the preceding one, transferring skill sets with each fresh adventure: Teaching children to adult education; interviewing and writing reports to interviewing and writing articles; writing articles to writing grants; creating pictures with words to creating images with paint.    

She began painting under the late Dianne Boldman, an accomplished watercolor artists and teacher. Dani worked exclusively in watercolors for 7 years doing mostly commissioned work.   

In 2010 she shifted to acrylic on canvas under the keen direction of artist and author JoAnn DePolo and was completely captivated by the intense colors she achieved with acrylic paint. 

In 2012 Dani began studying under nationally acclaimed portrait and realism artist and master teacher Bill Kufahl, where she works in oil, charcoal and pastels.  

Dani launched her art studio in January, 2011.